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24 December 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From all of us, our warmest wishes for you and your loved ones, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
24 December 2019

Santa is coming!

Since we’re all about #flying, track #santa and see where he’s next stop is Merry Christmas to all!
14 October 2019

Fly to Ancient Olympia for the Olympic flame lighting ceremony

The 2020 Summer Olympics are coming and with them, the Olympic flame lighting ceremony on March 12 2020 in Ancient Olympia, Greece. Eleven women, representing the […]
8 September 2019

Learn about the complete history of the Parthenon before you visit Athens

30 August 2019

The city of Piraeus

21 August 2019

Don’t forget to visit Poseidon’s Temple at Cape Sounion

16 August 2019

Greek Street Food you can find in Athens

5 August 2019

Walking in the streets of Athens

19 May 2019

Tips and Tricks for making Flying with Kids a breeze

Tips for Flying with Kids Whether you’re flying with a toddler prone to sprinting away or a grade schooler who turns into kidzilla when she’s bored, […]

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