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Parnassos is a mountain of limestone in central Greece that towers above Delphi, north of the Gulf of Corinth, and offers scenic views of the surrounding olive groves and countryside. According to Greek mythology, this mountain was sacred to Dionysus and the Dionysian mysteries; it was also sacred to Apollo and the Corycian nymphs, and it was the home of the Muses.

Parnassus is one of the largest mountainous regions of Mainland Greece and one of the highest Greek mountains. It spreads over three municipalities, namely of Boeotia, Phthiotis and Phocis, where its largest part lies. Its altitude is 2,457 meters and its highest peak is Liakouras.


Sightseeing Tours and Routes with Robinson 44

Let’s Rock with Robinson 44 !!!
If you are 2 or 3 passengers and you wish to have lunch in beautiful Kea Island or to perform a day trip to Loutraki Grand Casino to try your luck or maybe you would like to have some relaxing hours in Therme Shila Spa in Aidipsos…

With Robinson 44 we offer flexible waiting time, all day flying hours, unforgettable Sightseeing tours where you can experience bird-eye view on the Athenian Riviera, Nauploio, Mikines and much more… You can stop at any location you desire (where is permitted) and have a delicious dinner in the local tavernas, to have a walk in the ancient streets or to spend time on the magic beaches of Greek Coast as much time as you wish..

Flying with Robinson 44 gives you the unique opportunity to take unforgettable sightseeing tour and to visit interesting places on your own schedule.

All Sightseeing tours and Routes With Robinson 44 start in SEF (Stadium of Peace and Friendship) which is situated on the south coast of Athens.

Syros Island

Syros dominates the heart of the Aegean with the dynamic character and the cosmopolitan grace of a queen. As a dominant force centered in Hermoupoli, the capital of the island and of the Cyclades continues to preserve and enhance the glamour of a bygone era.

Sharing a story that unfolds through the winding alleys, the traditional villages that brilliantly orchestrate the medieval with the Cycladic architecture, the Orthodox and Catholic churches, the stunningly beautiful beaches, the azure sea and the magical natural scenery. ( from )


Helicopter for Hunting Parties

Fly with Athens Heli Tours tailored for shooting parties of up to 6 passengers on our fleet and reach the most remote and inaccessible areas of Greece, where nothing else but a helicopter can go.

Hunting is a popular pastime in Greece, mainly on the mainland and mountainous areas. Wild boar and woodcock are commonly hunted animals.

Both a rifle permit and hunting licence are required to hunt in Greece.

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