Tour Delphi: Fly Over the Ancient Center of the World

To tour Delphi is to discover one of the most significant ancient Greek archaeological sites. The ruins of the religious sanctuary are surrounded by the lush slopes of Mount Parnassos, near the Gulf of Corinth. For many tourists, Delphi is a day trip via bus or car from the capital of Athens.  You can be there in no time and discover this incredible part of Greek history culture from the sky.  From the comfort of your helicopter seat you can discover Delphi. A helicopter tour to Delphi brings you right above the ruins of an ancient place that was once regarded as the center of the world.

Incredible and Significant

Delphi was so significant that it was one of the few places that all the warring Greek city-states shared.  The ancient Greek religious sanctuary dedicated to the god Apollo. The famous oracle of Apollo once gave cryptic predictions and guidance to both city-states and individuals.  During Ancient Greece, non Greeks from Egypt and even Etruscans from the Italian peninsula traveled to visit the sanctuary for guidance.

Modern man uncovered Delphi again at the end of the 19th century. The site was fist excavated in 1892 and what you’ll see from the sky, is a small part of what the actual ancient site really was.

Here is what to look out for from your bird’s eye view of this UNESCO World Heritage Site:

The Sacred Way – Three thousand statues and treasures line this main road that winds its way up to the Temple of Apollo. Treasuries were built by various Greek states to commemorate victories and thank the Oracle.

Treasury of the Athenians – One of the most impressive treasuries is the Athenian treasury. It was built to commemorate the victory at Marathon over the Persians.  Archeologists unearthed it again in 1903.

The Theatre – Near the Temple of Apollo is the Theatre of Delphi, built in the 4th century BC. The theatre has 35 rows and can seat 5,000 people. It is in immaculate condition and considered second only to the ancient theatre in Epidaurus. 

The Stadium – The stadium is above the theatre and situated on top of the site behind a small pine forest.  You will be seeing the best preserved stadium in Greece. The Panathenaic or Kalimarmaro marble stadium in Athens was re-built in the modern era.  Delphi’s stadium was used for track events during the ancient Phithian games which took place every four years. 

The Tholos – The Tholos is in the Sanctuary of Athena Nike consisting of 20 columns in a circle with a diameter of 14.76m and has 10 columns in the interior.  The Tholos is one of Delphi’s most popular monuments, but the function and purpose it is still unknown.

The Gymnasium – Also in the Sanctuary of Athena Nike, the Gymnasium had pools and baths used by the athletes. The pools were filled from the Casalian spring that ran to the area. The gymnasium everything needed for the athletes to train including a running track and changing rooms.

It’s one thing to walk the tour Delphi by foot. It is another to experience Delphi from the sky! A helicopter tour to Delphi is the most unique way to discover one of the most significant archeological sites of Greece.

Are you ready to fly above the ancient center of the world?