Your Ultimate Guide to Athens

Discover the Wonders of Athens: Top Attractions and Luxurious Experiences

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Athens, with its rich historical tapestry, never fails to astonish. Here’s a comprehensive guide to experiencing the multifaceted charm of this ancient metropolis.

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Historical Marvels

The Acropolis: Ascend one of the world’s premier archaeological sites and visit the revitalized Acropolis Museum. Travel Tip: Opt for a helicopter sightseeing tour to maximize your day in Athens and relish unparalleled views of the Acropolis from the skies.

Breathtaking Panoramas: Ride the funicular to the summit of Lycabettus Hill, the city’s loftiest point, housing a café, a restaurant, and the enchanting chapel of St. George. Travel Tip: Discover Athens from the sky with our sightseeing tours, exploring our ‘Share a Helicopter’ options to pay per seat!

Vibrant Athens Nightlife

Experience the lively ambiance of Gazi, St. Irene Square in Monastiraki, Psiri, Plaka, and more. During summer, the Athenian Riviera’s sea-facing bars and clubs are the go-to places.

Gastronomic Delights

Savor Greek ‘fast food’, souvlaki, and indulge in leisurely Greek coffees at quaint cafés. Dine at Michelin-rated Spondi and Varoulko, and explore other luxury eateries at the Athens Riviera.

Outdoor Adventures & Sports

Explore lush trails of Mount Immitos, enjoy water sports at southern beaches, or try mountain biking and hiking in the scenic locales on the city’s east side.

Luxury and Boutique Experiences

Relish fancy cocktails at the Galaxy Room or shop luxury labels in the posh districts of Kolonaki or Glyfada.

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In conclusion, Athens invites you to explore its ancient wonders, savor its culinary delights, experience its vibrant nightlife, and indulge in luxury, all while enjoying the convenience and exclusivity of private air charter services. Whether it’s historical marvels, breathtaking views, or culinary experiences, Athens promises a journey steeped in history and splendor.


1. The Timeless Acropolis The heart of ancient Athens, the Acropolis boasts monumental structures like the Parthenon. Enhance your experience with a visit to the Acropolis Museum, which provides rich context.

Tip: If on a tight schedule, maximize your visit with a helicopter tour, offering a unique bird’s eye view of the Acropolis.

2. Lycabettus Hill Athens’ highest point, it’s the perfect spot for a panoramic view. Reach the top via the funicular or, for a more exclusive view, consider a helicopter tour.

3. Athens After Dark Embrace the vibrant nightlife. Whether it’s Gazi, Monastiraki, or the Athenian Riviera, there’s always somewhere to dance the night away.

4. Culinary Adventures Dive into Greek flavors! From the classic souvlaki to Michelin-starred experiences at Spondi and Varoulko, your taste buds are in for a treat.

5. Natural Athens Explore Mount Immitos or indulge in watersports along the city’s beaches.

6. A Touch of Luxury Sip on cocktails at the Galaxy Room, shop at high-end boutiques in Kolonaki or enjoy upscale dining at seaside Athens Riviera locales like Ithaki and Matsuhisa.

7. Helicopter Sightseeing Amplify your experience with tours like the Athenian Riviera – Sounion route. Gaze upon the magnificent Temple of Poseidon and appreciate Athens’ splendor from the sky.

8. Customized Travel with Athens Heli Tours Enjoy tailored services. Whether you’re traveling from Mykonos or Santorini, or hopping between luxurious resorts like AmanZoe or Astir Palace Resort, Athens Heli Tours caters to all your needs.

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Making Your Journey Seamless With Athens Heli tours vast network and efficient services, Athens is more accessible than ever.

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