Recommended Tours in Athens

Recommended Tours in Athens

Athens, the cradle of Western civilization, is rich in history, culture, and scenic beauty. While there are numerous ways to explore the city, certain tailor-made tours offer unique experiences. Here are some of the top recommended tours in Athens:

1. Discover Greek Culture Tours:

Ideal for those who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of Greek culture, art, and history. These tailor-made tours are curated keeping the discerning traveler in mind. They offer immersive experiences, from wine tasting to mythology tours, making you appreciate the richness of Greek culture.

2. Athens by Bike:

A treat for cycling enthusiasts! This tour provides an eco-friendly way to explore the major archaeological sites, including the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, and the National Gardens, amongst others. The tour is often led by local guides who share stories and lesser-known facts about the landmarks.

3. Trails Beyond:

This is perfect for nature lovers. Trails Beyond offers outdoor adventures that allow you to discover the natural beauty of Greece, from its mountains to its coastline. Expect to engage in hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities while soaking in breathtaking views.

4. Athens Helitours:

Get ready for a surreal experience as you soar above Athens, witnessing its iconic landmarks from a bird’s eye view. Athens Helitours provides three different helicopter sightseeing tours, showcasing parts of the ancient city that are often missed during conventional tours.

  • Historical Monuments: Witness the magnificent Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, and other ancient wonders from the sky.
  • Coastline Tour: Marvel at the beauty of the Athens Riviera, with its pristine beaches and azure waters.
  • Full City Tour: This comprehensive tour offers an aerial view of both historical sites and the modern parts of Athens.

5. Charter a Helicopter for Extended Greek Exploration:

For those wanting to explore beyond Athens, chartering a helicopter provides quick and scenic access to the nearby islands such as Hydra, Spetses, and Aegina. These islands, each with its unique charm, offer a blend of history, beauty, and tranquility.

Expert Advice:
As local specialists, we suggest always considering factors like the duration, time of the day, and season before selecting a helicopter sightseeing tour. This ensures the best visibility and experience. Helicopter tours are especially recommended for special occasions, making moments unforgettable with unparalleled panoramic views of Greece’s wonders.

In Conclusion:
Whether you are exploring the streets of Athens by bike, trekking through its nature trails, or flying above its ancient landmarks, Athens offers myriad experiences that cater to all kinds of travelers. The key is to choose the tour that resonates with your interests and offers a fresh perspective on this ancient city.