Day Tours From Athens: Experience The Best of Greece

Day Tours From Athens: Experience The Best of Greece

From ancient sites to enchanting islands and picturesque sunsets, embark on a journey through Greece’s rich history and mesmerizing landscapes. Presenting a curated list of day tours from Athens that promise to make your Greek holiday a truly memorable experience:

1. Mycenae & Nafplio Day Trip:

  • Destination: Mycenae and Nafplio.
  • Highlights:
    • Explore the ancient wonders of Mycenae.
    • Wander through the picturesque town of Nafplio.
    • Relive the tales of King Agamemnon and Homer.
  • Details: Private day tour into the Peloponnese from Athens.

Dive deep into the rich history of Mycenae and the scenic beauty of Nafplio. This tour lets you walk through UNESCO-protected sites, discover tales from Homer’s epics, and take in the romance of Greece’s first capital.

2. Hydra Day Trip:

  • Destination: Hydra.
  • Highlights:
    • Experience the unspoiled beauty and traditional architecture of Hydra.
    • Discover the cosmopolitan side of this motor-vehicle-free island.
  • Details: Private day sail from Athens.

Sail away from Athens’ hustle to the serene island of Hydra. With its preserved beauty, traditional architecture, and lack of motor vehicles, Hydra promises a peaceful escape.

3. Aegina One-Day Trip:

  • Destination: Aegina.
  • Highlights:
    • Explore Aegina’s historic town and architecture.
    • Visit the ancient Temple of Aphaia.
    • Enjoy the island’s famous pistachios.
  • Details: Private day trip from Athens.

Discover Aegina, the hidden gem that’s just a breath away from Athens. Rich in history and beauty, you can explore its Venetian architecture, ancient sites, and relish the world-famous pistachios.

4. Delphi Day Trip:

  • Destination: Delphi.
  • Highlights:
    • Delve into the legendary oracles of the priestess Pythia.
    • Explore significant archaeological sites including the Temple of Apollo.
  • Details: Private day tour to one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites.

Travel back to the times of ancient oracles, temples, and Panhellenic games. Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a journey into ancient Greece’s mystical world.

5. Sailing Party Cruise along Athenian Riviera:

  • Destination: Athenian Riviera.
  • Highlights:
    • Luxurious sailing yacht experience.
    • Swim in crystal-clear waters and dance to lively music.
  • Details: All-day party cruise perfect for celebrations.

An all-day sailing extravaganza awaits you along the Athenian Riviera. From sunbathing to dancing and gourmet meals, it’s a day filled with excitement.

6. Day Cruise to Agistri, Moni, and Aegina:

  • Destination: Agistri, Moni, and Aegina.
  • Highlights:
    • Explore the picturesque islands of the Saronic Gulf.
    • Savor a delectable lunch onboard.
  • Details: Semi-private day tour from Athens.

Experience the Saronic Gulf’s charm with this semi-private day cruise. Dive into pristine waters, snorkel, and savor a delightful onboard lunch.

7. Cape Sounio & Temple of Poseidon Excursion:

  • Destination: Cape Sounio.
  • Highlights:
    • Witness a breathtaking sunset at the magnificent Temple of Poseidon.
    • Capture unforgettable memories atop a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.
  • Details: Experience the serene beauty of Cape Sounio.

Conclude your day with a mesmerizing sunset at Cape Sounio. The ancient Temple of Poseidon stands tall, offering a view that will etch into your memories forever.

Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure?

Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or someone looking for a relaxing escape, these tours promise a unique and unforgettable experience.

These tours from Athens ensure you experience the essence of Greece in its entirety, from archaeological wonders to breathtaking islands and romantic sunsets. Ready to embark on your Greek odyssey?  Your Greek adventure awaits!