Airport vs Heliport


It is a common knowledge in the iundustry that Airports don’t like helicopters and helicopters dont like airports..

Unless the helicopter has to opertae from an airport because requires refueling, emmigration or customs clearance, the helicopter is advisalbe to operate from licenesed heliport or a helipad. To the aircarft operators that earn their money from the pasenger’s taxes and parking (that goes with the weight of the aircraft) the helicopter is a hassle. Also, usually an additional charge in the Airport is aproximately 300 -400 euros for movement. Some popular airport , inpose VIP charges apxt 2500 euro per movement. Fuirther more to obtain a slot and a parking permit is ‘mission impossible’.

A licensed heliport operates with the safety/operational standarts of an airport. At the helipad the landing is at pilots’ descretion. Operators have on their operating manuals set proceedures to safe guard smooth operations at various helipads.

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