Athens and Greek islands hot spot in Europe for Canadians, Brazilians and Australians this autumn

The advantages of travel to Europe after the summer season, such as less crowding, attractive offers and good weather conditions in destinations such as Athens and Lisbon, are a key factor in attracting interest from distant markets for European holidays.

This is according to a report by the European Travel Commission, ETC, which explores the reputation of Europe as a travel destination in long-haul traveler markets during the period August – September 2022.

During this period, Europe’s reputation returned to a positive sign in all markets except Russia. A significant increase in the reputation of Europe is recorded in the markets of Canada, Australia and Brazil, where its evolution compared to July 2022 is the most positive of all markets, although its level remains lower compared to August 2021.

In particular, according to the ETC report, the good deals, the warm climate and the less crowding of visitors in Athens during the post-summer period is an important factor in attracting travelers to Europe from Brazil. Other European destinations chosen for the same reasons are Albania, Barcelona and Tuscany.

For the same reasons Canadians are currently choosing trips to Athens, Lisbon, Barcelona and Rome. In addition, wine tours and conversation with locals lead to exploring destinations in an authentic way, with Athens emerging among the top destinations for these activities.

In addition, Travel + Leisure magazine’s publication of the top 25 islands to visit in 2022, which includes Milos, brought Greece into the Canadian spotlight.

Finally, incentives for Australians to travel to Europe are the Greek islands, Croatia and Italy, as they are among the best sailing destinations in Europe.

Source: Tornos News (Greek)