Mykonos to Donoussa

Donoussa is a small island found right at the very edge of the Cycladic group, and it gives an impression that it is there, swimming alone. It is here that the ancient god of wine, Dionysus chose to hide Ariadne, the Cretan princess who stole his heart. The story has it that the people who visit the island claim that they are in love. This small island has approximately 140 permanent residents who are mostly engaged in fishing, animal farming and tourism which hasn’t affected the authenticity of the island.
A helicopter trip to Donoussa will allow you to discover an island which is famous for its Cycladic character. Your acquaintance with Donoussa will start from Stavros or Kampos as the locals call it, which is the island’s port and main settlement. It is here that you will find the churches of Timios Stavros (Holy Cross) and Panagia – Ai Giannis. Donoussa is quite popular for its isolated and unspoilt beaches some of which can only be reached by private or hired boat.
When you find yourself in Donoussa make sure to try their distinct local specialty patatato which is goat’s meat prepared in a casserole in tomato sauce with herbs. On celebration days which usually take place during the months of August and September try the xerotigana (dumplings with honey) and pasteli the traditional sweet of the Cyclades made from sesame seeds and honey.
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