Mykonos to Santorini | Day Trip

The GATN offers a great daytrip opportunity to Santorini. You will leave Mykonos in the morning and return on a late afternoon or early evening return trip. A visit by helicopter is the only way to see Santorini for more than four hours for a scheduled day trip. The helicopter lands in the heart of Santorini’s picturesque whitewashed cliff-hanging village called Oia. This allows you quicker access to sights than landing at the port which can involve traffic and wait times to make it to Oia.
You will fly in a twin engine air-conditioned helicopter Airbus H-135 (6-seat capacity)
Our travel advisors will be happy to arrange for you to stay overnight in Santorini and witness the magical sunrise in the morning before returning to Mykonos. Whether you are looking to surprise your loved one with a romantic proposal, or simply wish to experience Santorini, we will be happy to take care of all the arrangements. From private charter, luxury villa rental, ground VIP transportation and yacht charter, we’ve got it covered.

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