Seasonal Tour – Syros

Piraeus, Acropolis, Lycabetus, Olympic Stadium

Athens is a fascinating ancient and modern metropolis where, from the ground, you can view the glorious Parthenon and its ancient marble columns rising from its hilltop base in the very core of the city.  It is architectural perfection was built 2,500 years ago and it remains the eternal center to a bustling capital city that has grown around it.

However, seeing Athens from the sky is another fantastic point of view that most people cannot claim to experience.

Fly by the Acropolis and see the ancient landmark’s coveted position above all other buildings built in the city.  Whisk by the modern and impressive Olympic Stadium, the historic and marbled Panathinaikon Stadium and then head to the other scenic natural peak of the capital called Lycabettus Hill.

Then, your flight will take you right above the Athens Riviera where turquoise waters meet the beautiful rocky coast of the Attica region. There, sandy beaches and palmed pedestrian paths line a road that face out to gorgeous views of the sea out to the Saronic islands.

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